Communications Toolkit

This toolkit provides helpful resources and materials to assist in raising awareness about Westmoreland County Broadband. Westmoreland County is advancing its broadband program to bring high-speed Internet to communities across the county that need it most.

Social Media

The prepared text and graphics are ready to be used in social media posts to promote the Internet Survey and Speed Test and raise awareness about the study. Please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to post to your social media channels.

  1. Download the image by clicking the hyperlink for the social media platform you will use. Then click the arrow in the top right corner, choose the download option and save it to your computer.
  2. Log in to the appropriate social media site with your organization’s credentials.
  3. Copy and paste the corresponding text copy into the post and include the Social Campaign Hashtags as noted below.
  4. Upload the saved image from your desktop to the post.
  5. Post the status update.
  6. Repeat as needed for multiple posts on different social media sites.
  7. Pin the social media post to the top of your profile page for increased visibility.


If you are unsure how to post to different social media sites, please follow the links below for instructions directly from the social media site.


Social Campaign – Hashtags

Two hashtags are important for tracking and engagement purposes. One is more formal and straightforward and tied closely to the brand. The other is more captivating in trying to engage varied audiences.  In all posts, please include the hashtag #WestmorelandBroadband. The appropriate secondary hashtag is #WestmorelandNeedforSpeed.

The Westmoreland County Facebook and Twitter accounts and the Reimagining Our Westmoreland Facebook page will be posting about the Internet Survey and Speed Test throughout the life of the project. We encourage you to tag, re-post and interact with both Westmoreland County and Reimagining Our Westmoreland social media posts. Follow Westmoreland County on Facebook and Twitter: @WestmdCountyPA or the Reimagining Our Westmoreland Facebook page: @ReimaginingOurWestmoreland


Facebook and Reimagining Our Westmoreland




No Tagline

With Tagline

E-blast for Stakeholders

Email Header Graphic:

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Email Subject: Do You Lack High-Speed, Affordable Internet? Let Westmoreland County Know!

Westmoreland County Planning and Development is conducting a survey of fixed and mobile broadband availability at multiple locations throughout Westmoreland County to identify gaps in high-speed Internet coverage in the county.

Residents and business owners throughout Westmoreland County are encouraged to take the survey from their home and business Wi-Fi. We need your participation in the survey to help get the word out.

  1. Take the Survey – Your feedback helps to identify which locations lack high-speed Internet.
  2. Know Your Speed – Take the survey from your home or business Wi-Fi and we will track your speed.
  3. Tell Your Friends – Share the survey with your family, friends, and neighbors.


These three easy steps can help bring high-speed Internet to the communities across the county that need it most. To learn more about the Westmoreland County Broadband Study or to sign-up for email updates on the initiative, visit


Citizen and Business Participation in Internet Survey and Speed Test Critical for Broadband Expansion in Westmoreland County

Access to high-speed Internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With broadband access, children can participate in online learning, residents can access healthcare, businesses can expand operations, and families can be better connected.

Fast, affordable, and reliable Internet service is unavailable in parts of 65% of Westmoreland County municipalities, yet it is needed to thrive in today’s virtual world. That’s why your participation in the county’s Internet Survey and Speed Test is critical.

To ensure accurate speed test data, the resident or business owner must take the survey from their Wi-Fi to test the Internet speed from that location. Countywide participation will directly contribute to ensuring that all parts of Westmoreland County are connected.

The survey is part of Westmoreland County Planning and Development’s Broadband Data Collection and Feasibility Study which will identify homes and businesses with limited or no broadband access. These locations will be inventoried based on Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data, boundaries of census blocks where service likely ends, and locations that are distant from roads and other communities.

The county has contracted with Michael Baker International to perform this inventory. Two field teams driving Michael Baker International vehicles will place door hangers at the entryway of locations being surveyed for low connectivity.

Take the Internet Survey and Speed Test to help close the digital divide and get your home or business connected. For more information on the Westmoreland Broadband initiative, visit


Please include one of the following graphics with the newsletter article placement if possible. Select the one that ties most into your industry and audience.



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A block ad can be provided to stakeholders and other partners for use in their newsletters. This is a 4 x 6 size.

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